This week we offer another look at My Longevity – a chance to put things in perspective and consider our long term future.

Looking back over the past financial year, the challenges have arisen in droves. While we can’t ignore the past, we should strive to not be shackled by it.

By looking ahead, we can also invite others to join us in planning to make the best of our future. It might even encourage them to do the same and we both benefit. Sharing a journey is usually more fun anyway.

Why the kids? Of course, it’s the older kids we’re talking about – the ones who may become more involved in our future if we are ourselves well beyond midlife and likely to live well into our 80’s.

What lies ahead?

2020 SHAPE update highlighted that increases in life expectancies may be slowing down, leading to a logjam of older people in the community. It suggested we focus on social connectedness and regular exercise. Both these have been under pressure during the pandemic but should be on our list.

Interacting with others

People have frequently remarked during the pandemic of how much they missed Interacting with others. To emphasise that this is a basic need for a healthy life which becomes increasingly important in the later stages of our life. We offered advice on how to progress this.

A big revelation has been how quickly we began to utilise the internet to connect with each other once social distancing become important. While this is clearly here to stay, it’s clear that the personal contact is vital to our wellbeing. Our future should include seeking this out wherever we can.

Not feeling useful

Not feeling useful, explores diverse opportunities that can lead to positive outcomes for health, greater self-sufficiency and longevity.

The article provides links to more information on a rationale for continuing work, an approach to volunteering and the benefits of grandparenting, with some suggestions on how pets could also contribute to wellbeing


The Mindset article explaines how a growth mindset contributes to seeing the opportunities in major changes in our lives. Mindset differences show up in all ages. A growth mindset is likely to be even more valuable as we continue to make the most of our future in the aftermath of the changes wreaked by the pandemic.

Our own journey

The Longevity Plan process now available to you is designed to support and guide your own journey. However, as we age many elements of planning for the future involve cross-generational decisions and impacts.

By reminding you of these articles we hope you will see the opportunities for engagement with their ideas across generations. Our Longevity Plan process identifies and encourages this engagement, and all the articles mentioned are available with more than 50 others in supporting your own Longevity Plan for the future.

Stay safe with Peace of Mind


PS We have again arranged for free 12 month subscriptions for the optimistic people who contact us.