Forward or back? Up or down? This week we have some fun from looking at language, past & present, in how the TV news is delivered.

When Shane Oliver delivered his Webinar after share market prices had fallen at a record rate he compared it with the GFC. An interesting point he made was, that the GFC occurred pre-Social Media. It is interesting to realise only a few had smart phones at that time.

Shane went on to explain that Media thrives on drama to gain the attention of its potential audience / consumers. Mainstream media is rewarded for this success with potential increase in advertising revenue. Whereas social Media is rewarded with the number of likes (and more recently, commercially, with various ways of raising revenue).

Due to lack of boundaries Social Media’s dramatic language has increased rapidly. This has been at the expense of Mainstream Medias audience catch. Mainstream media has become even more dramatic in order to retain / recapture audience (market) share.

As a result, we heard about “markets collapsing”, “unprecedented events” and even “A Great Depression”. This added even more to the peoples fear of losing their money in the share markets. The fear of losing was so great that many sold (even though the prices were low), which lowered the prices even further.

To illustrate the change of language overtime we have selected two news presentations. They are not short grabs. You can make them short grabs or enjoy the whole show. Those of us who are older may appreciate the nostalgia of James Dibble. Younger ones may be amazed that this actually happened.

Either way enjoy and appreciate the difference.

James Dibble ABC News

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