Language can play a major factor in shaping our lives. Types and levels of emotion can be changed by what we hear (classical music compared with the clash of metal in a car accident). Over time our sense of reality can be changed by what we hear in the media. Our sense of security and hope for the future can be built or reduced by what we listen to.

Our self-esteem can be reduced or grow by what we say to ourselves. We are what we think. What we think is expressed in words – “self-talk”. Adjusting this language and topics allows us to become the person we want to be.

Our Choices:

  1. We have the opportunity to select what we hear:
  • TV – change the channel ?
  • Radio – change the station ?

As Media’s success is basically built on drama, chances are they all use the same language A more effective tool is to select the medium you will enjoy for example watching  movies, Netflix,  listening to a CD, eavesdropping in on children playing or just ring someone who will appreciate the call.

  1. We also have the choice as to what we select to retain. We have inbuilt filters and hear and view things differently. Words, pictures and situations can be interpreted in many different ways.We can choose to select the positive aspects of the communication. Keep what enhances and leave what threatens
  1. We can choose what we tell ourselves. This conversation is generally carried out on a sub-conscious level and thus may be difficult to control. Some of the tools we have, that have found to be useful include:
    1. Meditation
    2. Tapes before sleep
    3. or even simply quiet times with your choice of gentle background music or nature.I think Self-Talk to be one of the most powerful influences in my life.

What words we use and hear also play a role in our lives. During COVID19 there have been some strong examples mainly used in news / information type situations.

Our PM has a team that help to carefully select words, a prime (excuse the pun) example includes Jobseeker, Jobkeeper and now, Jobmaker.

Examples of power words could include:

  • “Unprecedented” its never happened before in History.
    • Whereas record breaking– can have the same meaning
  • “Worse than the Great Depression”
    • whereas the current economic situation in fact is that it may become a Recession (2 negative quarters of Growth)
  • “The Markets have collapsed”
    • There has been a significant decrease in what some are prepared to pay for shares
  • “The markets gained 2%”
    • The share prices increased. Not a major news heading as a decrease is more eye catching to most than an increase

Please note: Above I refer to the share price and not the share value. In this context the term price and the term value have different meanings.

Now I am having trouble. I consciously bypass the Media stations and go straight to Netflix by choice. I select what I watch and listen to and what I retain.

I trust you have the message.

Language is a most powerful tool for good or for bad. If we take control and be selective, it can help us become what we want to become.


  1. Next week I plan to explore the drama queens of our world, the two medias.
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